Jetsetting in June.

Dear Summer,

I love you.

Let me count the ways.

1. Seeing Macbeth in New York with my fellow Rivers and lovely friend Jennifer.

It was my first time in the concrete jungle, so I was glad to be with friends, to wander through the city and see the gorgeous architecture.

Also, Alex Kingston and Sir Kenneth Branagh performing the Bard’s glorious words 10 feet from our faces. (NO BIG DEAL.) We were divided into clans and walked the moors, were rained on and watched the actors unravel into madness. It was stunning. I don’t think I’ll ever see anything more amazing. That’s not an overstatement. It’s just the truth. Watching Alex Kingston as Lady Macbeth floating across an altar, lighting candles in silence and praying to the gods. Seeing Branagh reach out into the dark as if to clutch a dagger. Richard Coyle making me sob when he gasped, “All my pretty ones?” The witches crawling up Stonehenge-esque rocks. Scottish warriors beating the boards and carrying their dead. It was extrodinary.

2. Geeks in New York.

Cat set up a welcome party for us at The Way Station, and it was just the best. I drank too many Christopher Walken Deads and Stormageddons. Brooklyn is beautiful. Thank you to all that joined us!

3. Central Park.

We parked at the Dakota and walked by the door where John Lennon was shot. One crosswalk later, we were in Starberry Fields, and people were singing Beatles songs and I was crying behind my sunglasses because there will always be things I will never understand about this terrifying world. Later, we took up a shady spot on the rocks and Cat taught me how to play Amanda Palmer’s Ukelele Anthem and the following verses just filled my whole heart:

Imagine there’s no music, imagine there are no songs
Imagine that John Lennon wasn’t shot in front of his apartment
Now imagine if John Lennon had composed “imagine” for the ukulele
Maybe people would have truly got the message

You may think my approach is simple-minded and naïve
Like if you want to change the world then why not quit and feed the hungry
But people for millennia have needed music to survive
And that is why I promised John that I will not feel guilty

Jennifer also took some amazing shots of us in the park, which you can see here.

My favorite?
“What kind of time do you call this?”

So long, New York. Thank you for friends that serve you coffee in Twin Peaks cups and buy you Blue Velvet cake. Thank you for your neon and stone. I’ll be back again.

4. HeroesCon! The Rivers parted ways, on their way to Philly Con. Jennifer and I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, to meet our husbands. So much art. So many comics. My brain couldn’t take it. Thankfully, I did get to meet Terry Moore, creator of my favorite comic, Strangers in Paradise, and not be utterly tongue tied.

I was too exhausted to cosplay, but thankfully Her Universe has the cutest Doctor Who dresses on the face of the planet. I was comfortable and geek chic.

So, thank you, Summer. I love you. To the moon and back.



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