Cons From Coast to Coast: Gallifrey One and Con Nooga.

I’ve never been a jetsetter, but last year when the Mister wanted to go to Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, I was like “Sure, Why not?” And until it happened, it sort of felt like a dream playing in the back of my mind, a hazy Lana Del Rey video on repeat.

And then we stepped on the plane on a gray, cold February day and four hours later, we were in sunny, breezy California. My body never adjusted to the time change, so the days felt longer and I never knew if I was falling into or out of time. The Mister’s mother and her husband were happy to show us the sights and take us around town. We drove up and down Santa Monica Blvd., the mountains breaking up the radiant blue sky. I inhaled a Double Double from In N Out Burger and we headed to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, littered with Johnny Depp impersonators. At one point, we made a U-turn by The Viper Room and I was pretty sure my inner 13-year-old was having a coronary. [In another life, I crushed hard on Johnny Depp before it was cool.]


One of the highlights of the day out was visiting Marilyn Monroe’s grave. I’ve loved her for years, my bookshelf overflowing with biographies and fictional accounts of her life. The memorial garden where she and many other stars rest is hidden amongst office buildings and libraries that have grown up around it. We wandered around just as the sun was setting, and it was the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever visited. It was Valentine’s Day, so a group had left Marilyn flowers.


We pounded the pavement a bit longer, stopping into Millions of Milkshakes for celebrity-named milkshakes [I had the Britney — peanut butter and Oreo] then found a little Korean dive that had the best spicy pork the Mister and I had ever eaten. We dined al fresco while the mother-in-law spoke in animated Korean tones I’d forgotten I’d missed. Next, we popped into Gally’s infamous LobbyCon to pick up our badges. We had drinks, and my hands were filled with ribbons and adipose cookies. Was this heaven?


So many beautiful cosplays, panels with Billie Piper and Arthur Darvill, and Paul McGann watching Night of the Doctor for the first time! It was insane. I met so many people I’ve only talked to on the Internet or met in passing at Dragon*Con. It was magic. My River diary is bursting with autographs, and we bought all the photo ops. The Mister decided to arm wrestle Paul McGann at the last minute, so my Charley Pollard expression of shock is 1000 percent legit. Billie Piper was a trooper for making the flight under the weather, although the next week many joked that they’d caught the Bad Wolf Flu.



Oh yeah, and that one time that Arthur Darvill showed up to the Amy Pond photo shoot and said “Um, this is weird.”


As a cosplayer, I loved that there were tons of backgrounds and welcoming cosplayers to pose with.


Amazing cosplayers, intricately built costumes, and breathtaking props. I actually can’t.


There’s so much I could say, but Gally was one of the best con experiences of my life and I would love to go back.

After touching down back in Tennessee and alleged reality, it was time for ConNooga. This is one of my favorite smaller cons held in my hometown, so I stayed busy all weekend, running panels, hosting a post-parade tea party and catching up with people I’m so honored to call friends.


The Brit track was excited to have two special guests this year: Lady Soliloque and Gareth David-Lloyd, promoting Lady’s latest project Enoch the Traveler. If you love time travel, check it out! The audio cast did a wonderful read-through at a special panel.


There was plenty of Whovian and British cosplay, too.


The Moment is quickly becoming one of my favorite cosplays. Doctors can’t resist a big red button. Typical.


February 2014, you were so timey-wimey, my head hasn’t stopped spinning. But I’ll always be dreaming of In N Out, palm trees and the Hollywood sign perched forever in the distance, the Spanish style houses, laughing with friends on the Marriott patio, and Paul McGann waving and blowing kisses as he left Gally, his satchel slung over his shoulder. The Doctor has left the building.

Want to see more photos from GallyOne or ConNooga? Head over to All Back to Front! I’ve still got photos I’ve yet to post!


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