Geek Outfit of the Week: Sherlocked

There’s nothing like a two-year hiatus to bring Sherlockians out of their mourning for Sherlock’s tragic and mind blowing fall from St. Bart’s Hospital and out to the pub. Such was the case with PBS’s special screening of The Empty Hearse. A $10 ticket got you tea sandwiches and excellent pub quiz and drinks named after Sir Conan Doyle’s characters. I had a Watson — made with gin and nutmeg — after a nice glass of scotch. I’m a classy broad.

Anyway, me and the Mr. dressed up for the occasion, rustling up bits and bobs we wore to last year’s 221B Con. My outfit is actually inspired by the Series 2 promo shots of Irene Adler. She never wore this costume onscreen, but I love the retro black dress and choker combo.

Our pub quiz team – Watsonstache — came in second place. I nabbed some Post-Its and me and the Mr. listened to a fine Liberace cassette on the ride home.


[Dress: Vintage / Cameo necklace: Christmas gift from a friend, made by GeekCameosEtc / Sherlock coat: Custom made / Moriarty crown: Ritischka Studio]



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