Geek Outfit of the Week: Fire Up the Quattro

It’s a new year, which means new geek-inspired outfits, and new convention adventures.

This week, my husband and I traveled back to 1983. Why?

Well, when your friends have a Quattro–even if it isn’t like the one the Guv drives in Ashes to Ashes–you dress appropriately. While I actually have cosplayed Series 3 Alex Drake, I thought putting together an geek-inspired outfit was in order. Since our Guv and Shaz aren’t local, I thought I’d wear some cowboy boots for that extra special Guv touch. The husband wore his vintage Ray Carling jacket and shades.

[Dress: Old Navy / Jacket: Rag & Bone / Necklace: Vintage / Alex Drake Pin: Specially made by a friend / Tights: Target]



I think the saddest thing about Ashes to Ashes is no one knows about it stateside. Some people have seen Life on Mars, thanks to John Simm’s performance as the Master in Doctor Who. And while Ashes to Ashes is a direct sequel to Life on Mars, it truly feels like its own thing, and it’s a world I love to get lost in — from the awesome music, to the period clothing, to the set design [THE CEILING, THE RED PHONE], it’s just an 80s dream.  It’s a television show worth watching, especially if you love time travel — but with a twist. [If you do know about it, you are 2000 percent cooler automatically.]

Like Alex Drake, I’ll always be dreaming of the stars, and the weather vane, always searching for an answer.



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