The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the Long Way Round

Last week was one of the busiest in recent memory, filled with road trips with friends, cosplay, and happy tears.

It was–what else–the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Early Saturday, we packed up the car and headed to Atlanta to watch the special with friends. When the black and white titles and the first version of the Doctor Who theme started, we all knew we were in for something amazing indeed. By the end, I had laughed, cried, and generally praised and cursed Moffat’s brilliance. As a fan, it was everything I wanted and more. The last five minutes of the special hold some of the most beautiful moments in Doctor Who history. John Hurt’s performance was tremendous and the perfect foil to Tennant and Smith’s younger-appearing-yet-older Doctors. But the revelation was Billie Piper. Rose was my first companion, but the fact that she was Bad Wolf!Rose or the Moment was wondrous. [Anyone that says Moffat can’t write female characters can sit down. What he did for Piper in this one episode was better than anything Russell T. Davies did in Series 4.] I’m not a fan of Clara, but I truly enjoyed her role here, now that her Impossible Girl riddle has been solved.

Next stop was TimeGate’s one-day event. I caught up with some of my favorite people, drank gin & tonics, watched episodes, and generally loved life. Since it was the 50th anniversary, Kim and I agreed on classic costumes. My Romana I received many compliments, which made me very happy, considering I’m a new era costumer.


Monday, we drove to Knoxville to see Doctor Who on the big screen. It was so fun watching Doctor Who–something I tend to watch with two or three people at most–with a full theater of excited adults and children alike. The special treats before and after the theatrical presentation made it worth the trip. Since I had to work before the showing, I closet cosplayed my best Femme!Fourth Doctor. It was rather comfortable, considering the wintery weather. We found plenty of cosplayers once we arrived.

1401576_10202400597998058_422360385_o1412300_10202404010323364_2059550428_o The banana was my favorite. It brought itself to the party. Kim decided to be sad!Keanu Doctor for a bit, too, which made me laugh.


In a way, it feels like Christmas has come and gone for us Whovians, but the Christmas episode–Smith’s last performance–is a little under a month away. Until then, I’ve been diving into the world of Big Finish audios..which may lead to more costumes in 2014. Shhh, spoilers!


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