A Wibbley Wobbly Halloween at Hurricane Who

This time last weekend, I was in Orlando, having fun with fellow Whovians at Hurricane Who: Category Four. I’d heard great things from fellow cosplayers about this con and it didn’t disappoint. After the insanity of Dragon*Con, this was a relax-a-con at its finest. There was plenty of time to mill about, have unrushed conversations with guests, talk craft with other cosplayers, take pictures, and go to proper-sit-down dinners with people you typically see once or twice a year, as well as make new friends.

Next stop…everywhere! Set the TARDIS coordinates to Sunny Florida!

602132_10201166647302900_762553145_n (1)


I was happy and honored to help out with cosplay panels featuring The Tardis Party and FourInTheTardis. I contributed tips on finding alts for classic and new Who costumes. When you’re cosplaying, it’s hard to get pictures of everyone else’s fabulous cosplays, but here are couple of my favorites.

The companions of Crimson Horror!

bc129788-8a4e-4726-9c64-21c2c7c828ea_zps10cda9bb 95fcd000-691e-4167-848e-f96c6c1ca98e_zps96ab79cb

And a beautiful Grace ready for the opera!



I also got to pull out my Romona I cosplay for a classic panel. I am slowly falling in love with the classic series and its costumes.


I added another Doctor’s signature to my River Song diary. Colin Baker is a joy. If you have the chance to meet him at con, he’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve met in any fandom, and still loves all things Who. Daphne Ashbrook was big River Song fan and actually got a picture with us in our Name of the Doctor evening wear. The highlight of the con was getting to catch up with three of my fellow River Song cosplayers I count as good friends. Thanks for the memories, RSVP!




It had been years since I’d been to Orlando, so me and a fellow River Song took a quick TARDIS trip to Hogsmeade, which completely magical! Most of the staff recognized us as River Song and fangirled us. We even got a special tour through Hogwarts!



In short, it was a wonderful weekend, and I can’t wait till next year! If you’re a fan of smaller cons, or need an excuse to go to Florida, I highly recommend it!




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