Geek Outfit of the Week: On a Crusade

I have a confession to make. When I was a little girl, I had no idea Harrison Ford played Han Solo. I thought he was Indiana Jones, and that, ladies and gentlemen, was the coolest thing ever.


Thanks to HBO and VHS, I’ve watched the Indiana Jones trilogy more times than I can count, but the one that always gets me is The Last Crusade. I count it as the best for a long list of reasons including: Young Indiana, femme fatales, the grail diary, Nazis getting what for, Sean Connery as Henry Jones, and the quest for the grail itself. The three trials at the end of the film still give me chills because while cunning and intelligence are helpful, there’s a certain amount of faith that’s needed on Indiana’s part. Faith is tricky. It can’t be learned, it just has to be felt.

So many geeky activities take me out of my town, so I was delighted when a geeky opportunity presented itself downtown to see this film projected on the side of an old building, I was pretty stoked. The weather is just about to launch headfirst into fall, making it the perfect night to grab a blanket, have a beer, and hang out with friends. There was a band beforehand and free popcorn, with local food trucks serving up yummy treats.




So in honor of fall and Indy, I pulled out my best sweater and boots.

[Distressed cross sweater: Forever21 / Jeans: Sam’s Wholesale / Boots: Ecco / Necklace: JewelMint / Oversized belt: vintage/ Chunky bracelet: Gift from my aunt]



Oh wait — that’s not the grail diary…seems my obsession with archaeologists with diaries has been festering since 1989.

“And what did you find, Dad?”




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