Traveling Back in Time at Tellus Science Museum’s Night at the Museum 2013

It’s no secret that Night at the Museum at Tellus is one of my favorite nights of the year. A little bit under a month before Dragon*Con, it’s a wonderful event for both children and young-at-heart adults to meet their favorite characters from history, science fiction and fantasy. This year, my husband and I were honored to be a part of the Doctor Who cast once again, which included a magical TARDIS by FourInTheTardis. This year, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I decided it was time to represent some classic Who–and who better than the Fourth Doctor and his time lady companion Romana I?



I thought Romana’s costume from the Ribos Operation was very glamorous and fitting for her smart, refined personality which is in direct opposition to the Fourth Doctor’s zany nature and bohemian style. Since Kim already had a Fourth Doctor scarf, his costume was easily put together in a few trips to the thrift store, while I mulled over white feathers, dresses and capes. Film Title: Dr Who.

romanaI was fairly pleased with the results, including the fact that I also built my own prop–Romana carries a tracer to help them find the key to time. Kim borrowed a friend’s sonic screwdriver and another cosplayer brought a friend’s K-9 to accompany us for the night. From mini-daleks and doctors to young companions and aspiring jedis, astronauts, and scientists, it was our pleasure to share out adventures and tell the guests that Earth was our favorite place to holiday and have adventures. Here are few pictures that capture the fun and magic. If you’re in the Atlanta area–or even if you’re not–this event is worth checking out!


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