Gatsby? What Gatsby?

“Can’t repeat the past?… Why of course you can!” – The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

And that’s exactly what Baz Luhrmann does in The Great Gatsby, but with his signature flair for just too much. Luhrmann creates worlds, from Verona Beach in Romeo + Juliet to bohemian-infested Montmartre in Moulin Rouge. After the failure of Australia–which I admit I truly enjoyed–when I heard Luhrmann was adapting The Great Gatsby, my excitement reached hysterical levels.  His attention to detail and soundtrack production is impressive, and I truly love how passionate he and his creative team, especially Catherine Martin and her gorgeous costumes and set design.

It also seemed like an awesome excuse to get gussied up, liquored up, and see a fantastic film in 3D. [Dress by Rise via Simply Be; Wallis Simpson ring by Kenneth Jay Lane; Everything else: Vintage!]


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I’m glad I have other friends that agree with me.


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The film was an incredible spectacle–from the elaborate parties at Gatsby’s to the Valley of Ashes with the haunting eyes of T.J. Eckleburg silently judging–with the modern songs melding into background jazz as characters spoke Fitzgerald’s famous words. Carey Mulligan brought a sadness to Daisy that I never thought was possible–she’s a character I’ve hated since reading the novel junior year of high school. Leonardo DiCaprio turned on the boyish charm he still possesses  balancing it with this quiet anxiety that it will turn out fine, that everything he wants is almost in his grasp, only to lose it all but never yielding to the darkness. The scene where he and Daisy meet at Nick’s for tea made me breathless, especially when Lana Del Rey’s haunting “Young and Beautiful” began echoing through their interludes together. The green light–which is a symbol of Gatsby’s dreams in the novel–is a character in and of itself, blinking on and off in the mist.

This is film made for the silver screen. I enjoyed it, but I will admit, I have a soft spot for Robert Redford. Because it’s ROBERT REDFORD.




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