#BelieveInSherlock: A Short Study of 221B Con

I’ve been a fan of Moffat’s modern adaptation of Sherlock for a while now, so when I heard that some very talented people within Sherlockian fandom were organizing a convention for Sherlockians entitled 221B Con, I was intrigued. When my sometimes-cosplayer husband decided he wanted to cosplay as well, I was absolutely thrilled. His request was outside my area of expertise–the crown jewels?!–so we enlisted help of Ritischka Studio. I was super impressed with the results. [Check out here in-process photos and comments here.]

555841_508212119214136_2078129836_n (3)I took care of the smaller details of the husband’s costume, including finding him ridiculous kicks, like Jim’s, and some extra royal bling from my Forever21 archive. The end result was stunning. I mean, NO RUSH.


cd43ff2a-97a3-4d36-82f6-1798bbd52cf8_zps1332efbbThere were other Moriarties about as well.

0cdf3fc7-63a6-45b5-9c72-4bb92970f73d_zps12a3267eOne of the highlights for the husband was meeting Lyndsay Faye, as he had just started reading her novels a bit before the convention. As a writer, I enjoyed listening to her talk about the researching and writing process, as well as showcasing her knowledge of all things Jack the Ripper–probably one of my favorite panels of the whole con. I just hope the local library doesn’t mind if we return her novel to them signed.

dd4530ef-3881-4368-96b1-b9b17d63f68f_zpse9cef141As for me, I enjoyed being mostly comfortable as Irene Adler in Sherlock’s borrowed coat. It was another costuming purchase I made, knowing I couldn’t make or source  the coat at a thrift store, and it served me well all winter long.

4312a1bf-8c09-4f67-b52f-24cb39a0a6a4_zps0368df60 b9d9b55c-8115-486d-986e-c5da8dab3fab_zps8cc1a527

I ended up getting called up for pictures with all the other Irenes, which was nice because they were all fabulous including this Victorian Irene who sewed her costume by hand. UNWORTHY. Thank you, dear Irenes, you were all lovely. Tony Stark, on the other hand, was just silly.

b12396b3-0cb0-4fed-90c5-f2da242ad33e_zps8870c993tumblr_mlaqquvfzL1rnnucjo3_1280 tumblr_mlawb0dMz81redfudo3_1280 (1)[group shots by tumblr users frauleinninja and timestitcher]

Sunday we switched it up a bit, going as Professor Layton and Emmy Altava from the fantastic Professor Layton games and we were asked for photographs before we even got in the building. When it comes to cosplay, that’s always a good sign that we got it right–and these costumes came straight out of our closets or the thrift store. The hotel had great little pockets of Layton-esque architecture for picture taking.


As far as first-year cons go, it was well attended and had so much to do and see, I felt completely overwhelmed. Here’s a few of my favorite bits:



Sherlock-inspired tea samples (also by areyoutryingtodeduceme). Further proving that I always knew Sherlock would drink lapsang souchong.

5c504d08-51a0-4f05-a715-be5d4438c4d5_zps8ea6432bTiny Sherlock Theater!

929d2e77-d0c7-4f11-b7aa-a411407d5705_zps9e666d0cPeople cosplaying as 221B (think Tardis girls).

5910f4af-c539-4485-83b0-c92e9b027abe_zps1dee8729 cf842948-ee6d-4881-a541-d48e293a4c35_zps733c26d4 8bd6cb7e-11a6-4afe-9171-ed78b774cb2e_zps3b5ab498

Real pages from the London Times, circa late 1800s.

The Doctor and River Song. Because you never know when you’ll need them…even if time travel is hard work! Their TARDIS was breathtaking, calmly humming all night during con shenanigans.




Gothic Lolita Sherlock!

f8fb9a59-4573-4056-981c-4526417980e2_zps8eb1824aGetting profess shots done by M.B. Keene throughout the con in front of this awesome 221B door set up.

221B-Door (36 of 91) (2) 221B-Door (11 of 38)Also, the Baker Street Babes, for doing their thing and being so delightful to watch on panel.

0e83d999-6fb2-4a13-87b0-42384aa7c511_zps30538353 (2)


4 thoughts on “#BelieveInSherlock: A Short Study of 221B Con

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  2. Hey, just a tiny correction. While I am a Baker Street Babe and one of te organizers of 221b Con, it is not a Baker Street Babe event. The other four con directors are not Babes, we just had the pleasure of having the BSB as guests of the con.

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