Geek Outfit of the Week: Reconstructing Idris.

While cosplay life typically has me scouring the Internet at strange hours finding alternate costuming sources, how-to guides to hacking wigs or tea-staining lace, many times I want to take on an original project. Last year, I came up with my interpretation of the TARDIS and dalek girls that have become popular throughout Doctor Who fandom. The coolest thing about hardcore Whovians, or at least the ones I run with, is that they appreciate even the most obscure references.

Idris is one of those costumes everyone wants to make. From the minute I saw it on screen, I fell in love with it, and with Idris. [Just look at how many ways this costume can be made. All beautiful.]


How can you not love a character written by Neil Gaiman? I mean, she is the actual TARDIS. AND SHE TALKS. Yes, the Doctor wished VERY VERY HARD.


Considering my sewing skills are slim to none–my real talent is deconstructing and smart layering– as I searched for materials, I knew it was not to be. Even after giving some fabric I had stowed away to a fellow cosplayer, I knew I wasn’t done with Idris. I just had to…reconstruct her. Make her on my terms.

Then spring fashions came in. Everything is lace. Mint green. Robin’s egg blue. Pastel lace. High to low skirts. HIPSTER!IDRIS IS EVERYWHERE. While I’m still working out the kinks in the hipster!Idris I want to wear at TimeGate, I found I had enough pieces left over for a regular outfit. I present this now. Welcome to Spring, all. We made it out of the dark. Doctor Who returns tomorrow. All is right in the (fandom) world.

[Lace dress and sweater: Debs / Boots: Ecco / 10th sonic screwdriver earrings and timepiece necklace: Seafaring Steampunk /Green-as-11’s-sonic ring: Walmart]

47e2fd83-ffb5-41a8-9fb9-1d821b29d9ab_zpsa7cb2131 68e3ed0a-bce4-4ec2-b0c1-caaf0d634438_zps95f0ce63 1802c88b-f2c0-4360-bc1c-380f4c1aeee6_zps50fbab60 9052c832-2d93-4e64-9d9f-dc649e06f100_zpse7fd3955 350fc269-2cad-442e-b456-37771cb4bd71_zpsa4dc320d 99e20884-4d61-486c-940f-21a5ca152ecc_zps1f09c98a


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