Today, I’m cooking my first Thanksgiving meal for family. While I don’t entertain as often as I’d like, I felt this was a festive occasion in needs of decorations. The same concepts I apply to budget costuming and shopping apply here: Use what you have. I tend to save wine bottles and corks because they’re great for quick decorating.

For me, simple is always better. I’d like my guests of concentrate on their meal and conversation instead of being overwhelmed by a centerpiece (Sandra Lee, I’m looking at you. Quick putting chairs on your table. That is in no way rustic or Italian.) The food and fellowship is the real centerpiece.

For my main table, I placed a large candle in the middle of a trifle dish and filled it with wine and champagne bottle corks. I like how the champagne corks had texture and extra pop.

For the buffet, which will feature a drink station and cheese plate, I decided to go natural. I selected a pretty wine bottle and filled it with branches and plants from my yard. I clipped a bit of pine to add some green.

And that’s it. The turkey has been rubbed with spices and placed in the oven. Let’s do it!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Today, I’m especially thankful for good health, my family, and my husband–who asked me to be his wife on this day five years ago.

I’ll sum this up with an appropriate tumblr graphic:


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