Geek Outfit of the Week: Bond Girl Glamour

The guns. The cars. The women. The liquor. The sweeping songs. The mystique of 007 has permeated popular culture for 50 years. While I had a passing interest in the films when I was younger, I became more intrigued when the iconic brand relaunched with Daniel Craig taking on the famed MI6 agent.

Craig’s performance was grittier, more nuanced and more believable than some past Bonds. In Casino Royale, he starts out sloppy and has a heart that ultimately is broken. In Quantum of Solace, he’s out for revenge.

I had no idea what to expect out of Skyfall, but I can honestly say I walked away from it being completely blown away. Sam Mendes, best known for American Beauty and the sadly overlooked Revolutionary Road, made Bond into something Oscar-worthy, in terms of performances, script and overall execution while still having the action and intrigue that Bond fans crave. This film has many love letter moments that need to be seen to be believed.

In years past, the boy and I have always gone to see the latest Bond and grab a martini afterwards. This Friday, I dialed up the glamour while still staying warm in the chilly November weather. I also went for a smoky eye with nude lip to complete the glamorous but still low-key look.
[Gold dress: ASOS Curve / Belt and Bag: Vintage / Sweater: Inc / Vesper’s Love Knot Necklace: Ebay]

Also, fancy drinks + this guy = Great Friday Night.


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