For Your Ears Only: Lance Whalen

It’s been pretty heavy over here for the past couple of weeks. Whenever I’m going through something, I find that music helps me patch up what hurts and keep walking through it all.

Fall is rolling in, and with it, comes an ever evolving playlist. My tastes turn darker and slower as the sky turns lapis blue and the the air chills. The songs are sadder and madder.

And there’s no one madder than Nick Cave, is there, really? I’d love to say I discovered him and his beautiful voice in Wings of Desire, but that came later. I found this madman on this 90s gem:

Yes, the Batman Forever soundtrack. The soundtrack everyone bought for that Seal song. But I always ended up spinning Nick Cave’s crazy track There Is a Light. From there, I became more acquainted with this Aussie and his tendency towards love, obsession, murder, and desire of PJ Harvey.

I discovered Lance Whalen in a similar fashion. Me and the husband found ourselves in a puppet gallery in Alabama, waiting to see Helen Keller’s Ukelele play and ended up being introduced to some other great musicians (Aquariums and Jaeme Case) and Lance was one of them. Literally, the next night, I found myself at a bar in Chattanooga with Lance, discussing our love of Nick Cave.

So when I found out Lance was covering Nick Cave, I knew I had to see it. I was not disappointed. Highlights included Henry Lee and an acoustic version of From Her to Eternity. It was absolutely what my soul needed.

If you like Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, or Tom Waits, check out Lance Whalen. You won’t regret it, especially if you see him live.


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