I Survived Dragon*Con 2012 and Didn’t Even Get a T-Shirt.

Every year, it feels like Dragon*Con gets bigger and better. This year, I felt fairly overwhelmed and ended up missing out on a lot of things due to con exhaustion. This either means I’m getting older or I’ve been spoiled by “relaxacons” such as TimeGate. I am very happy to report I did not get con crud though. So hurray!

Regardless, the highlight of the whole weekend was walking with all the Whovians in the parade. Seeing kids and adults alike scream over weeping angels makes any morning infinitely better. And unlike a few years ago, there are so many of us, each Doctor and companion bringing their own flare, whether their costume is screen accurate, hand-sewn, store-bought, or constructed by hand.

Here’s just a smattering of photos to show you what #conlife is really like.

Up early for the parade. Brought to you by grande soy pumpkin spice chai latte.

Melody Malone and Amy Pond try to figure out how the angels ended up in Manhattan.

River borrows a Doctor and some TARDIS doors. (This Doctor was recently featured on BBC America’s cosplay contest, so super cool!)

I also tried my hand at being the Doctor. Less crazy hair required.

I really loved my sparkly TARDIS purse, complete with Whovian flare.

The only other costume I wore was Reaping Katniss, which was comfortable and mostly recognizable. (That Mockingjay pin helps a lot.)

When I was Reaping Katniss, I ran into an awesome Effie and other tributes.

The selection of epic Doctor Who costumes has also increased to maximum awesomeness. Evidence:

Here’s what everyone else had going on.

MANOOOOOOS. No Torgo in sight.

Super awesome Adventure Time group!

My favorite superhero when I was a wee girl.

A great Stormcage River Song and little Amelia Pond.


It’s MARLON BRANDO! His outfit was completely made of WHITE DUCT TAPE.

Zoltar, can you make me little again?

Sarah’s still trying to pick between the baby and Bowie. (BOWIE FTW.)

Obviously caught them on the way to get a slice of pizza and catch up on episodes of Sick Sad World.

Femme!Doctors for the win!

There were also femme!Avengers everywhere. I loved this Tony Stark.

Ryan Gosling, is that you?

Paws up!

Scary dalek is scary.

Seriously evil!

He wants to be your neighbor…and eat your braaaaaaainnnnns.

So much Adventure Time love this year!

Giving Gaga a run for her money.

Creepy No Face from Spirited Away.


So, Rose either A. Jumped B. Let Jack on the Door. Either way, I totally ran up to this girl. Titanic costumes rule.

I support the girl on fire!

A truly evil queen. No Kristen Stewarts needed.

So in short, Dragon*Con starts out a bit like this:

And ends like this:

Is it time for TimeGate yet? Because I really want to meet Colin Baker and, you know, relax.


3 thoughts on “I Survived Dragon*Con 2012 and Didn’t Even Get a T-Shirt.

  1. Perfect recap!! I missed some of those costumes! I thought this years con was different as well! Saturday was another world from last year! So nice to see you again and we’re definitely coming to TimeGate this year if I have to drag 2 little Amy Ponds!!

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