Werking on the Weekend: Chattanooga Fashion Week

Earlier this week, I found out I had won VIP tickets to Chattanooga’s very first Fashion Week, thanks to A Flattering Tale.

After a busy week, it was a great opportunity to get dressed up, have a glass of wine with a friend and do my best Nina Garcia impression. Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of the garments I saw coming down the runway. While the collections varied in size, most were cohesive in theme and adventurous.

My personal favorites tended to include darker elements married with classic lines, such as Carruth Couture, founded and designed by a 15-year-old designer, and Isabel Thomas, which harkened back to Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. The finale collection by Kelly Jones was a collection based around wearing chain mail in modern ways, which I enjoyed very much. As a costumer, it’s not uncommon to see chain mail as a costume element. To see it presented in the context of daily wear was exciting.

Here are a selection of what we saw on the runway last night.

Regina James collection

Sweet Cycle collection, made from vintage fabric

Isabel Thomas collection

Brandon P’erre collection

Anna Victoria collection

Carruth Couture collection

Christian Allana collection

Kelly Jones for Shadow Oak Maille collection

As for me, I took the opportunity to show off my own style, mixing low and high fashion elements.

[Dress: Forever21 / Necklace: Made from limited edition Chrysta Bell motel keychain / Bracelet: Gift from my Aunt Charlene / Boots: Alexander Wang / Metal purse: vintage]

To find out more about the designers featured at the first Chattanooga Fashion Week, click here. Thanks again to A Flattering Tale for a great Saturday night filled with fashion!


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