A Magical Night at the Museum.

August is a busy month for my costuming friends, as the end of month is Dragon*Con. However, to get the month kicked off in the mad dash to the finish line, a handful of my favorite cosplayers and TARDIS builders headed to Tellus Science Museum.

One night every year, the museum is filled with historical and fictional figures from science and science fiction. As me and my Eleventh Doctor ran through the museum warning others to beware the Silence, we saw the tiniest yet brightest minds interacting with the likes of Tesla, Mary Shelley, the Wright Brothers and the whole crew of Serenity. There was even an autograph line for one of the universe’s biggest villains: Darth Vader! The night was rounded out with¬†planetarium and mad scientist shows.

Team T.A.R.D.I.S. was nice enough to park its TARDIS in the Great Hall where children and adults alike had their picture taken with the famous blue box.

This year was the second time I was honored to play River Song. To mix things up, I choose River’s blue “Mrs. Robinson” suit from Day of the Moon. It’s basically on screen for 15 seconds in one episode, but my favorite River costumes are always retro-infused. My husband joined me as the post-Area 51 Doctor. [Still need to make him the straight jacket, ha!]

Here is a smattering of pictures of our Who crew last night. If you ever pass through Cartersville, Georgia, see what Tellus has to offer.

River investigating in her blue suit.

The shaggy post-Area 51 Doctor.

My epic headshot!

Our trusty cast of time travelers.

Investigating the Impossible Astronaut suit. Thanks for ignoring our correct tweets last year, Moffat. [Picture from TimeGate Facebook.]

Keeping track of the Silence.

The wonderful women of Who: Donna Noble, River Song and Mercy Hartigan.

OI, SPACEMAN! Donna Noble will not be left again.

Inspiring future time travelers.

The whole Who crew. [Picture by Team T.A.R.D.I.S.]


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