Timey Wimey: TimeGate 2012

This little blog has been quiet and with good reason. I’ve been furiously working putting Doctor Who costumes together in anticipation of TimeGate, a Doctor Who and Stargate-themed convention held in Atlanta every Memorial Day weekend. This year was particularly exciting because Catlin Blackwood–the young actress who played little Amelia Pond–came all the way from Scotland to answer fan questions and sign autographs. Considering she was featured in Matt Smith’s first episode as the Eleventh Doctor, she had making people believe in this new Doctor and companion who would grow up to be Karen Gillian’s Amy Pond.

TimeGate is also a time to show off new costumes, catch up with con-friends or talk about rumors about upcoming specials, as well as kick back and have a galactic cocktail or two. I was excited to do that, as well as lend my voice to a variety of costuming panels, showcasing how costumers can both work with a shoe string budget or find the best way to source screen accurate wardrobe pieces.

And I had a ridiculous amount of costumes, and my budget River Song closet continues to grow. It was so exciting to see other hardcore fans recognize who I was instantly. That means I got it right. Here is a quick smattering of pictures I’ll probably end up adding to later. All pictures are by me unless otherwise noted.

When I walked in, a Weeping Angel was already creeping people out. I didn’t blink.

Cat burglar River Song loves Van Gogh paintings.

I ran into another Inspector Spacetime. SPACETIMECRASH?!

An awesome Amelia Pond — check out that suitcase!

Rose carries a HUGE gun.

I brought quiet a few new costumes to this con, including my Let’s Kill Hitler Mels/River Song dress I handpainted at the last-minute. I call this costume URBAN OUTFITTERS I DON’T NEED YOU! (Since the dress is long out of stock and hard to find.)

[Photo by Jeanine M.]

TARDIS girl costumes are all the rage, so I wanted to do my own version. I call this “Mad Men with a Box.” The dress, purchased off of Etsy, even already had the square panels built in.


I also premiered my Art Deco Dalek costume my mother and I had been working on. I love Dalek dresses but the bumps always come off as too costume-ish to me. I wanted something I could wear to the opera or ballet–or battle the Doctor it.

However, I have favorite costumes. Time of Angels River Song might be my favorite of all time. Just because I love the dress and the shoes so much. And Alex Kingston’s swagger in that episode. It tops Matt Smith’s by a landslide.

[Photo by Jeanine M.]

I love Idris costumers. Just because the dress is so complex and beautiful. I still have fabric sitting in a closet I may or may not get to.

Here’s another TARDIS girl. I love her over jacket and open hoop!

Picnic time! Just ignore the Astronaut in the water!

Shiny Happy Sherlockians!


Elevens for the win! 

Even Life With Fandom’s new mascot Buster got into the act!

Could it be more sonic?

I have to say the River Song panel might have been my favorite part of the whole con. We talked about hair, shoes, and guns. These are three very important reasons why people cosplay River. I love how each River wore a different costume and brought a different tip or trick to the table. I loved being 1960s River just because I’ve never need anyone cosplay it and I think it’s a great moment from Day of the Moon.

And of course, I got to meet the real Amelia Pond. She was quiet and composed but really funny during her Q & As.

In short, if you’re a Doctor Who or Stargate fan but don’t like the Dragon*Con or ComicCon crowds, consider taking a trip to TimeGate. It’s one of my favorite geek conventions!


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