Geek Outfit of the Week: The Rose Tyler Remix.

Since I love pop culture and fashion and this blog is meant to combine the two, what better way that to start a dedicated series of posts? From here on out, I hope to post one outfit that references some of my favorite pop culture characters, films, books, or music.

First up is–probably unsurprisingly–Doctor Who. I technically started out as a Rose cosplayer before venturing on to Amy Pond and River Song. I have the upmost respect for Rose Tyler cosplayers–their tenacity and ability to identify items of clothing without logos and find them on ebay is like a super stealth ninja skill.

Unfortunately, I was not born with this skill, so we’re going with inspired elements.

This outfit is based on a variety items that could come out of Rose Tyler’s closet while she travels with the Doctor. Mainly her Union Jack top from The Doctor Dances and her denim overalls, tights and boots from Tooth and Nail. I threw a fitted black hoodie in for good measure, as she always is wearing some hoodie–Punky Fish, I’m sure.

[Union Jack shirt: Miley Cyrus/Max Azria / Denim jumper: Cherokee / Tights / Target Boots: Candies  / Handmade TARDIS Necklace by GraveRobberGirl / Hoodie: Thrifted]


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