One Sequin at a Time.

“I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.” — Lady Gaga

I love sequins. I thank (or blame) this on my Granny Ammel who dressed like a gypsy in her broomstick skirts, sequined sweaters, and short leather booties. Think 70s Stevie Nicks, but with 40s hair and 80s makeup. (For her, there was no such thing as too many bangles or rings.) She was her own sort of magnificent.

Sequins help me keep it simple. So while my husband may be shaking his head as I squeal over yet another sequined dress or top, I know when I wear sequins, I can keep everything else on the straight and narrow.

Tonight, I went out with my best friend for her birthday, so I thought it would be a good idea to break out my best sequins in the honor of her birth. [Happy birthday, Courtney!]

[Blue sequin formal: vintage, thrifted / Denim jacket: vintage, from Ebay / Hot pink cross and anchor button earrings: Forever21 / Brown leather woven belt: stolen from Kim’s closet / Leggings: Target / Boots: Doc Martens]

And now for my guest appearance on SNL. [Just kidding! These effects make me think of those title cards they always run between commercials. Plus, how awesome is this hot pink cross for just $3?]


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