Vintage Royal Blue.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know who Kate Middleton, or Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge, is. Prior to her wedding to Prince William, her most famous fashion moment was the announcement of their engagement.

She walked into the room wearing this dress–the same color of Princess Diana’s priceless sapphire ring which Prince William gave to her–and it was all over. I was obsessed.

As a new royal, she could buy whatever she likes. Instead, she hits the clearance racks and wears her favorite pieces over and over–a trend unheard of in most fashion circles.

I love fashion, but I’ve never understood why it’s so horrible to wear something more than once. Dear rich fashionistas, do you have everything on loan?

I think it’s a clever and realistic fashion decision, especially for the Royal Family. Much of the world has fallen on hard economic times, and it would be ridiculous to see her flaunting around wearing a different dress every single day. Not including royal jewels, many of Kate’s favorite fashion pieces are smartly picked wardrobe staples: nude pumps, solid color dresses, simple clutches and hats.

I love a good bargain and might have a thrifting addiction. When I saw this dress on the rack, I knew it was coming home with me. And while I don’t have Kate’s figure or grace, it made me feel like a princess.

[Dress: Thrifted for $8 / Scarf: Thrifted for $4 / Belt: Thrifted for $ 4 / Heart of the Ocean necklace: vintage gift from my mother / Shoes: Gianni Bini, $25 on clearance]


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