Upcycling Awesome.

Springtime is the quintessential time to clean out those closets, and while I haven’t made as much headway as I’d like, I’m always surprised by a forgotten purchase or thrift find I’ve stowed away in a drawer or bag. Many times, I’m uncovering something from my husband’s days of geekdom. This weekend, I found one of his Highlander shirts–he was in the fanclub, don’t you wish you were as cool?–and decided it needed the DIY treatment.

For the uninformed or non-geek, Highlander is this awesome mix of immortals swordfighting to the soundtrack of Queen in the 80s. Don’t question it. Just watch it. [But don’t watch the sequels. Because they don’t exist.]

Using this pin via Pinterest, I updated a worn-out tee for a leisurely brunch with friends on a beautiful day. In short, scissors are your friends. Don’t be afraid to cut sleeves off of a blouse or discard other detailing that doesn’t work for you. Scissors also come in handy when you’re distressing denim or fringing the edge of t shirt, both of which are pretty popular and expensive purchases currently.

Shirt: Kim’s closet / Earrings: Gift from mother / Cross: Forever21.com / Sleeveless sweater: Thrifted / Dress: Old Navy / Moccasins: BCBGeneration /Squinty face courtesy of too much sunshine

And remember, there can be only one. Don’t lose your head.


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