Hunger Games Hysteria.

It’s 4 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I literally got in from the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games. I discovered these books last year by accident and became immediately addicted to the dystopian world filled with death, love, revolution, and ridiculous frivolity.

While my costuming mainly falls into the realm of Doctor Who, it’s not beyond me to put a costume together for a movie premiere. Throughout the Harry Potter  book and film series, I’d show up as a variety of characters, including Hogwarts student, Hermione, or Tonks.

For Hunger Games, I decided I would be the Girl on Fire. I was unimpressed with the movie version of Katniss’s interview dress, so I made up my own. Why not?

Thursday was a happy Hunger Games day indeed. I started out by glittering my eyes, adapting a great girl-on-fire eye makeup tutorial by Hope at A Flattering Tale.

Since I was going to work, I kept the rest of my look simple.

Once at work, we also had a Hunger Games-themed brunch for March birthdays. We noshed on a variety of breads, Cinna-mon rolls, and hashbrown casserole. I made Katniss’s favorite quiche, which had pancetta, kale, and cheese in it. Capitol worthy, no? Angelina from Flourish and Fancy got into the spirit by dressing up like a member of the Capitol.

[I’m actually wearing a Down with the Capitol shirt here.]

Onward to the premiere!

To say I was excited would be an understatement. I accented my handmade costume with some creative makeup, a Juliet wig complete with gold ribbon, Forever 21 jewelry, and a Mockingjay pin.

My dear husband agreed to put on his best calm Cinna face, and I even added a little gold glitter for that Capitol sparkle.

We met up with some friends who were dressed up like Capitol residents, although my best friend, Courtney, pulled off an awesome impromptu Effie. Can we talk about this dress (and the fact that it’s her grandmother’s?)

Overall, the film was what I had hoped it to be. Suzanne Collins has commented that the film is a complement to the book, not a replacement, and I have to agree. The districts and the Capitol were how it imagined them and all the characters were on point. I hope that the film will get nominated for both technical and acting awards in the not-so-distant future. Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss Everdeen. There’s no one else that could play her and she deserves a bit more gold for her fiery performance.

So whether you’re a Hunger Games fan or not, movie premieres are a great way to get inspired by a theme or idea, whether making a costume or putting an outfit together. Always take a moment to be inspired and just have fun…and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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