Sherlock Style: It’s Elementary.

If you’ve not watched the new version of Sherlock on BBC, welcome to your new obsession. (You’re welcome, by the way.)

Smart and stylish with all sorts of modern twists and nods to the classic novels, once you start watching, you won’t want to stop. The success of the series is due to the slick writing skills of Steven Moffat (current writer and producer of Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (frequent guest writer and star of Doctor Who) and superb acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

One thing that struck me about this updated world was Sherlock’s style. Nicotine patches stand in for a pipe–“It’s a three-patch problem”–and the iconic deerstalker hat only makes a tongue-in-cheek cameo. Otherwise, Sherlock himself is stripped down, wearing clean dress suits and shoes topped with a stunning wool coat and blue scarf.

A splash of color.

Epic coat is epic.

Monday mornings are always busy, so when I woke, I picked an outfit I thought could recall those same classic lines while being comfortable in our burgeoning springtime weather. You never know when and if you’ll be called upon to be a consulting detective.

Dress: / Leggings: Target / Jacket: Gift from Korea / Shoes: Crocs / Scarf: Thrifted


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