Silence in the Library.

“Most people don’t realize how important librarians are. I ran across a book recently which suggested that the peace and prosperity of a culture was solely related to how many librarians it contained. Possibly a slight overstatement. But a culture that doesn’t value its librarians doesn’t value ideas and without ideas, well, where are we?” 
― Neil Gaiman

Spring has officially sprung, which means it’s time to head downtown to enjoy the sights, sounds, and delicious treats the city has to offer. There’s no better place to find entertainment than the Public Library in downtown Chattanooga.

As a child, I loved the library. I would lose myself in a maze of books, both old and new, with names familiar and unknown. By the time I entered college, the library became a quiet place to study, research, or write papers. However, when Kim got a new library card a couple years back, I have to say we’ve rediscovered what it has to offer. Whether we’ve wanting to rent a movie or check out a book or attend a screening of a foreign or popular film, the library’s waiting for us.

Last Saturday, Tennessee Who Authority, a Doctor Who fan group I’m a part of, was honored to be part of Teen Tech week, a national library event. Other hosts brought robots and there was even a steampunk jewelry-making class for those who wanted to participate.

The core members of our group banded together and brought tons of figurines, comics, books, handmade props, and other memorabilia to show to the kids and inspire them and their creativity.

Yes, I’ve met Ace and Seven. I know you’re jealous.

Whovians have lots of swag.

All 11 Doctors and Rose Tyler.

I was amazed with the selection of steampunk novels they had! I waited to check a couple out after the kids made their selections. (You’re never too old for a good adventure!)

Even Amy Pond likes to read about her own adventures!

Talking time travel.

The best part was having an excuse to wear my River Song costume from Day of the Moon. It was a fun costume that fit both themes, since I feel like River Song’s belts have a bit of steampunk detailing going on. A couple of the librarians also joined in the costuming fun.

Two Rivers + One Doctor = Time Paradox?

Doesn’t he make a great 10?

We screened three episodes: The Next Doctor, a Christmas special featuring the 10th Doctor and some fun steampunkesque characters and elements, and then Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, a 10th Doctor adventure featuring–what else?–a planet that’s a library. (Wouldn’t you like to live there?)

The episode also marks the first appearance of River Song, and after her big character arch reveal from last year’s series, this episode has become even more poignant and heart-wrenching than when viewers were clueless about who she was as the 10th Doctor.

Now we’ve seen her run through space and time with the 11th Doctor, but always running in the wrong direction, their time lines never quite connecting at the right moment. As she remarks to Rory, “I live for the days when I see him. But I know that every time I do, he’ll be one step further away.” 

To come back to this fixed point in time and hear Steven Moffat’s dialogue brilliantly acted by Alex Kingston and David Tennant was almost too much. Especially this part:

Between Steven Moffat currently writing Doctor Who and Sherlock, it’s amazing I don’t have post traumatic television-watching disorder or something. But it’s moments like these that make these shows worth watching.

Overall, it was a day well spent, talking about Doctor Who, encouraging teens to read and think beyond the universe we currently inhabit. If you don’t use your local library, reconsider the many worlds it has to offer for you and your family!

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One thought on “Silence in the Library.

  1. We are so glad you and the Tennessee Who Authority came and helped us with Teen Tech Week. I know you added a lot to the program. Thank you for the kind words about the library and librarians themselves, thank you even more for giving your time to us and making the event even more of a success.

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